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Yattara .. My Roots! … Nothing is gratifying like knowing who you truly are! The sense of belonging is usually very strong when you further associate yourself with your roots and getting recognized by your kinfolks. This is the reason I am writing and perhaps rewriting my short history, just to demystify my true identity.

            I want to reaffirm that I am Yattara by blood and this is the only home that I have known ever since I was born. I understand my lineage very well, the language, and all the customary practices among the Yattara clan. As a descendant of Buktu, the strong black lady who founded the city of Timbuktu in northern Mali around the 11th century, I surveyed the vast history of my immediate family, endangered Bellah/Tamasheq tribe, Timbuktu’s rich culture and the contributions that Buktu made, which have retained our Heritage and Ownership in the city of 333 Saints!  

            I am cognizant of the fact that the alterations in the legends of the origin of Timbuktu are varied and each has its own explanation of the time and place of origin. However, that is not to imply that there was no origin. Discrepancies arose following the feeble technology and weaker education system then such that historical artifacts and manuscripts could not be well stored. 

I fully appreciate the contribution that my ancestor Buktu made through centuries ago, and which has remained the core aspect of the solidarity and the success of the Yattara Community. I also appreciate several other legends who succeeded Buktu such as Leo Africanus, Tombutto. D. Pacheco Perieira and Rene Caillie for their creative & positive contributions they made to document the history of this remote community through their legendary writings. Let us keep embracing our history for the betterment of our current generation and those to come. We are proud that Timbuktu is a very strategic location that has added a lot of value to our livelihood historically, culturally, and economically. 


Israel Ag Nouh Yattara, CEO | Cash Flow Expander, Homepreneur, Financial Director, Generational Autonomist, Community/Economic Developer, Timbuktu Manuscripts Librarian & Exclusive Speaker

Active Community Projects & Outreach Missions

The Mali Missions Project objective is to help establish a bi-directional bridge connecting America to Mali for ministry work.
As CIO of the Africa 2050 Initiative, I help ensure that content and media disseminated to tarnish Africa's image is "checked" for the benefit of Africans.
Building Generational Autonomy, Family Resilience and Wealth is a necessary step to multi-generational freedom! What are you doing to prepare your "line" for the next 100 years?
The THOC's aim is to prepare this generation and future generations to preserve and leverage Timbuktu's legacy to transform our world into a better place.

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About Emperor Israel

I’m originally from Timbuktu, Mali in W. Africa. No joke! I sit at the gates with men. My aim is to fulfill The Great Commission laid out for Bible believers in Acts 1:8 to execute God’s plan for their lives and help others do the same through Discipleship/Training. I admit to being a Bibliophile. Let’s grow together in the Holy Word of The Most High / The Bible and connect on Goodreads!

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As a Generational Autonomy Coach & Strategist, I leverage over a decade of experience in the fields of Off-grid Homesteading, Rural Business Management, Sales & Marketing Automation! 

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Being an heir to a vast collection of Ancient Timbuktu Manuscripts, I have a lot of information to share and use for the betterment of mankind. I am passionate to speak on Business Resilience & Multi-generational Legacy Building!

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I am a Self-published Author of Alternative Finance, Digital Nomadism and African history books. I am giving away my book on Credit Repair during the pandemic for FREE! Please let me know how I can help you Publish your own book or get Speaking Engagements.

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