Rev. Ag Nouh Yattara

Author/Speaker, Consultant & Contractor

Originally from Timbuktu, Mali (W. Africa) and CEO/Founder of the THOC – Timbuktu Heritage and Ownership Center. Promoter of Generational Autonomy. Israel now resides in NE Oklahoma serving communities and people around the world with his vast skill set. He mainly impacts people’s lives and businesses through his experience in Christian Aid as a Philanthropic Missionary, Self-starting Management Consultant and Independent Contractor.

Mr. Yattara has helped rural communities with his talents in Small Business Incubation, Marketing Directorship, SEO Copywriting, Digital Sales Automation and IT administration experience. He is focused on Christian Evangelism and Economic Development just like his parents in Mali.

Fulfilling the Great Commission, Being An Advocate for Persecuted Human Beings, and preserving his Family’s Legacy are his priorities when he’s not busy helping people grow.

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