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Marketing Expert & IT Management Freelancer

I am a Marketing Expert & IT Management Freelancer for HIRE helping organizations “put success on auto-pilot” while assisting non-profits grow at scale. I have spent the better part of a decade working as a Mobile UI/UX Designer and SEO Copywriter.

Israel Ag Nouh Yattara

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Helping local businesses market their products and services allowed me to leap into the role of Remote HR Manager and Performance Marketing Consultant as part of my Solo-preneur role as Growth Hacker and Founding CEO for Unified Scale (rebranded now as StealthBiz, LLC.). I temporarily left Mobile Web Development in 2010 to spend approximately 3 years as a Telecommuting Sr. QA and Support Engineer for ArcMail / Wala!, Inc. in Bossier, LA. I served as a Healthcare Systems Administrator and Security Engineer during my career in the High-Tech IT Industry to learn the ins-and-outs of Critical Systems Engineering. Originally from Timbuktu (Mali, W. Africa), I seized the opportunity to live and work in the USA before settling down in Atlanta, TX as a Marketing Director for Christ Centered Homes ( HomeSupply.NET ), Pan-African CTO/Co-founder of United Consortium, LLC. and volunteer CIO / International Relations Developer for Africa 2050 – The FASTEST Billion!

Virtual Assistants working with me

Marie Chan Into

Project Manager
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Jenevie Mongcal

General VA
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A.J. Reyes

General VA
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These are the services I provide


Sales Automation

“Put your sales on auto-pilot!” with reliable e-commerce systems and cutting edge offline strategies that I will help YOU implement.

Mobile Development

Reach your potential buyers and returning customers on the go! Do NOT miss out on capitalizing in this massive opportunity.

Result Oriented

Performance driven marketing! Get measurable results in days, not months. I will help you get there in the least amount of time possible.

Data Mining

Feel lost in a sea of data? Good! You came to the right place for help. Please let me know how I can help you realize your visions.

Secured Solutions

Security is baked into anything I develop or help you design. You will not be disappointed working with me to craft your solution.

Develop & Deliver

Custom software and hardware development is my passion. You will not give up on your dreams when you start working with me.


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Produce and implement strategies that make it easy to grow people and organizations at scale faster!

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