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Cashflow Expansion

Tulsa, OK (Heartland)

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Cashflow Expansion & Wealth Building Strategist

Israel Ag Nouh Yattara


☑ Cashflow Expansion
☑ Daily Guarantee Pay
☑ Instant Pay Raise
☑ Expert Debt Relief
☑ IRS-enrolled CPAs
☑ Land Banking & Investing
☑ Private Reserve Accounts/Banking
☑ Economics and Community Development
☑ Multi-generational Wealth Building Strategies

I love God, my community/neighbors and helping people build Multi-generational Autonomy via my passion for Helping People utilizing my Economic/Financial Empowerment expertise. I educate individuals and organizations to Growth Hack their way to Success, Build Family Legacies/Heritage and Establish Generational Plans worldwide. 

Cashflow Expander

I am fulfilled knowing that I've helped a person, family or organization expand their cashflow to help break a cycle of generational poverty or finance problems.

Wealth Strategist

In 2018, the wealthiest 10% of Americans together held 70% of the nation’s wealth, while the bottom half of Americans together owned only 1% of the nation’s wealth. I am working to help the bottom half have a fighting chance to create generational wealth!

Community & Economic Empowerment Projects

My Practice Areas

Immediate Cashflow

I know how demanding life can be, so I set out to help the average person have a fighting chance to get Daily Pay to meet Financial Emergencies and Expand Income.

Monetary Expansion

My passion manifests the most when I see an opportunity to help an individual, family or organization identify and maximize returns by shifting their income.

Expert Mentors

By working with me, you get Exclusive Access to IRS-enrolled CPAs, CFPs, certified Credit Repair Specialists, Wealth Building Professionals with 15+ years experience at your beckoning call.

Pandemic Business

I help people start their own Home Business and be more resilient to the economy changes affecting us all in a positive or a negative way.

Generational Wealth

One of the topics that speaks deeply to me is in regards to Legacy & Wealth Building. This passion leads me to continue wanting to help people and families grow for generations to come.

Land Banking

If you've heard of Land Banking, I'm at the heart of it with a team of Innovative Experts leading their field in terms of Field Experience, Data Accuracy and Trends Analysis.

Private Banking

If you've been researching Private Reserve Accounts (PRA) or ways to build wealth on a shoestring budget you've come to the right expert. It's my mission to help you have a fighting chance to build generational wealth fast!

Professional And Experienced Cashflow Expansion Experts

Why Choose "Make Wealth Real" System

Excellent Track Record

MWR is trusted and has a proven track record to help people/families Expand Cashflow and build wealth on shoestring budgets. Our testimonials and numbers don't lie!

Transparent Fees

$228 One-Time Fee to join MWR. $120/mo for our vetted Home Business Franchise & Financial Edge Membership including CreditMax, EquityMax, MoneyMax, WealthMax, Land & Private Banking.

Unparalleled Customer Service

This is where I shine above the competition to ensure that you get the most logical solution to any problem I can legally help you with! Let's talk.


Homepreneur Mentors


Pandemic & Recession Resilient


Residual Income Streams


Cashflow Franchise Cost


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I Look At Cashflow Differently

What My Clients Say

Israel goes above and beyond to ensure that a client gets whatever they need to be successful after identifying their purpose. I can now work from the comfort of my home helping people make money on social media doing sharing financial tips!
Shirley Parker
United States
My family is much happier now that they see me working from home spending more time with the little ones. I can now work on projects in my garage and enjoy the outdoors as well whenever I want. The Daily Guarantee got me!
Terry Franklin
United States

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