I am passionate about assisting people fulfill their Ultimate Life Purpose.
I am an ethical expert in Business Growth Hacking & Organic Vertical FarmingIsrael Ag Nouh YattaraI helped launch Startups and expanding Corporations by putting their sales on auto-pilot remotely and on-site as needed! My vast resume details my years of experience in various industries and fields including but not limited to:

1. AUTONOMY – Off-grid Living and Energy Solutions
2. CONTRACTING – Copywriting, Omni-channel Sales & GIS
3. EVANGELISM – Soul Winning, CRO, Church Outreach and Planting

As always, my focus has been on bringing awareness to my Family’s Ancient Library (AgNouhManuscripts.org) of ancient Timbuktu Manuscripts dating back to the 11th Century and the Mali Missions Project (Immigration | Diplomacy | Evangelism | Autonomy). Our driving Enterprises are vast in many aspects dealing with International Affairs and cross-border Christian Aid! Some of the entities that make this possible are as follows: INY Enterprises, Guiding Light Enterprises, Promised Land Organic Farms, DuEarth, 5 Star Reviewed Products and Royal Court International Finishing School to name some of our sponsoring organizations.